“Match Day” Excitement at Katz

The opening of envelopes that held the answer for many graduating medical students took place on at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine.

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University held its annual Match Day for graduating class of 2022 medical students to find out where they’ll spend the next few years at their chosen residency programs. 

Medical schools all over the country gather for this festive moment as students to find out where they are placed in their residency. 

Students with their friends and family gathered into the room to prepare for the moment they’d been waiting for. 

As the event began, Interim Dean Dr. Amy J.Goldberg, led the event with a speech of her past Match Day as a medical student and encouragement for the students before the countdown.

She said, “Because every school and every hospital, every medical center, and in every state and in every city with every attending and every patient all have things to teach us on our journeys.”

A countdown was displayed on a screen in the room for everyone to keep watch for.

Students and parents were nervous but eager for the clock to hit 12. 

Stephanie Fagbemi didn’t shy away from expressing how the big day made her feel. 

 “I didn’t really talk to anyone about it. I think a lot of people were just like you’re gonna go where you’re meant to be, and that’s fine, but I think I also had a lot of nightmares about not matching or not matching where I wanna be so hopefully it goes well.”

Ferdinand “Fred” Delrosario, the parent of graduating medical student Phil Delrosario, had a few things to say about the big event. 

“Really excited it’s Match Day and the news that he’s going to be matched with any university that he likes. It’s really exciting, and it might be even better than graduating.”

Once the clock struck twelve, excitement filled the room as students opened their envelopes to see the name of the hospital and specific program they got into. 

One medical student, Amber Shelton, was very happy once she saw the results on paper 

“I am overwhelmed. I’m really excited. I’m heading to Children’s National in DC, and I’m specializing in pediatrics so I’ll be close to family be close to friends, it’ll be a good time.”

While this was all happening, underclassmen in their blue scrubs watched from above. 

Sean Brown, who mastered his number one program and will be attending Harvard’s associated Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Mass General Brigham, expressed how grateful he is for Temple University. 

“This program, really, I think will jumpstart my career. I’m very thankful to the program leadership. Everyone at Temple that sort of mentored me along the way.”

Families were seen hugging and graduating the student on their accomplishments throughout the event. 

Amy Mcneil, who is the fiance of graduating student Anthony Bernick was thrilled about his achievement and their future 

“It means that now we can get married, and now we know we’re moving, and we can find a good yard for our dogs.” 

To finalize the day, the students made their mark by putting stickers on a map of where they further themselves in their residencies. 

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