Mayor Gives Update on Philadelphia Youth Programs

The May 21, 2020 COVID-19 Press Briefing brought updates on Philadelphia youth programs, COVID-19 case numbers and a variety show to support Philadelphia’s COVID-19 relief fund.

Updated: 5/22/20 12:25 PM

The SLIP program is not available for credit, but focuses on Philadelphia youths in the critical transitioning stage from student to employee. The program concentrates on reaching out to 14-18-year-old youths who have graduated from the Work Ready program to be a part of this internship opportunity.


For Philadelphia youths and young adults, there are many summer programs that will continue to bring food and fun to the community. The city is working toward developing plans to keep these programs going if the COVID-19 pandemic allows.

One program moving forward is Play Streets from Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. The program assists children by giving them nutritious food and a safe place to play. Play Street supervisors can sign up and distribute food to kids at noon and 3 p.m., at

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation is looking to hire 285 youths for a state-local internship program (SLIP).

This year, due to the pandemic, the internship has expanded from less than 60 possible participants to 285.

Temple Update asked the mayor if there are any opportunities for Temple University students to receive credit for the internship program and if the mayoral office has made sure to spread the word to college students.*

“Not a bad idea,” Mayor Kenney said. Adding that the program is run through the State Department of Labor and would get back to us with more information on the matter.

One program that will not continue this summer is City Swim For Life, a day-camp to teach youths how to swim or improve swimming skills.

Residents can stay up to date on all programs at

Thursday at 7 p.m. a variety show to support Philadelphia’s COVID-19 relief fund will include some of Philadelphia’s favorite sports stars including 2008 World Series champion Shane Victorino and country music star Tim McGraw.

The show will be broadcasted on and you can go to to donate.

There are 341 new cases of COVID-19 in Philadelphia, bringing the total to 20,700. There are 623 COVID-19 patients in Philadelphia hospitals. As of Thursday, there are 13 new deaths, bringing the total to 1,165. 54% of those deaths are elderly.

Dr. Thomas Farley says Philadelphia is getting closer to reopening, but there is still no definitive date.

“If you don’t have a mask already, get a mask, get used to wearing it,” Dr. Farley said.


For Philadelphia residents experiencing food insecurity and are looking for places to receive assistance, visit or call 311 for food distribution information.

For information on where to be tested for COVID-19, visit

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