Men’s Soccer Defeat Another Conference Foe!


After what has cold season against opponents within their conference, the Owls’ Men’s Soccer team proved successful against Cincinnati in a 3-1 victory. All three goals scored by Temple were in the first half, as the second half was empty for both teams on the scoreboard. The three goals were scored by Belal Mohamed, Carlos Moros Gracia, and featured athlete of the month, Jorge Gomez Sanchez. It was a very good game for the Owls offensively, as they were able to get off ten shots towards the goal. Seven of the ten were deflected, but the three that went in were the ones that changed the game. The defense also played exceptionally well, only allowing three shots on goal. The amount of points that Temple scored were the amount of shots that Cincinnati had the chance to score. It was one of those games that was reminiscent to their incredible start of the season. This could build some serious momentum towards the end of the season, and the postseason that awaits them. Either way, Temple is now proving that they do have the ability to take down some of their inter-conference opponents with such a strong showing.

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