Men’s Soccer Team Goes Undefeated Outside Conference!


After Temple’s 3-1 victory against Columbia, Temple has now closed out competition outside of the conference without a single loss! Against non-American Athletic Conference competition, Temple holds an 8-0-2 record due to the strength with which they’ve played for a majority of the season so far. Alongside being undefeated against teams outside of the division, Temple has yet to lose at Ambler campus. The only home loss they suffered was at Villanova, which means that Temple has still not lost a home game at their actual home.

Back to the game, however, a pair of goals were scored in the first half of the game by Hermann Doerner and Joonas Jokinen. Not only were there scores in the first half, but they scored 21 seconds apart from each other. Then, a third goal came about five minutes into the second half of the game by Carlos Moros Gracia. Overall, both teams were able to get off eight shots on the goal. The only difference is that goalkeeper Alex Cagle was able to stop seven of the goals, while Columbia’s goalkeeper was only able to stop five. Temple just proved to be the better team this game, and against all competition outside of the conference. Now they just have to try to continue this momentum over these last few games to try and defeat the rest of the competition within their conference.

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