Men’s Soccer Team Inter-Conference Woes Continue!

After a promising start to the season, the Men’s Soccer Team cannot find their wave against others within their conference.

Aside from one blowout win against a struggling Memphis team, Temple has been outscored 3-11, which is not the recipe to win in the game of soccer. They complete advantage of every game outside of their conference, by outscoring the competition 21-5. It is a big jump between games inside and outside of the conference, which leads to the question – what could be the cause for such a meltdown?

Nonetheless, UConn scored two goals against Temple, while holding them to no goals for themselves. Both teams allowed two shots on goal, however, UConn was able to defend both, while Temple was not able to defend either.

It was just one of those unlucky games where not much seemed to go right for the Owls, in what now makes them 1-5 against conference foes.

Due to the historic start of the season, Temple shouldn’t be worried about getting into the playoffs, as they seemed to have it locked from the start. However, they will need to change their approach going forward if they would like to try to go deep into it.

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