Miss Philadelphia 2014 on Her Reign

Miss Philadelphia 2014 Diamond Edmonds continued to chase her dreams after being the runner up in 2013. This year, the 24-year-old Philadelphia native’s hard work finally paid off.

“It was like dead silence, and they were like contestant number 13 and all of the sudden everybody was like ‘Ah!’ and I was like ‘What just happened?'” said Edmonds.

Miss Philadelphia 2014, Diamond Edmonds

The first Miss Philadelphia to be an educator, Edmonds always had a passion for children.

“As I grew up, I just was always interacting with younger kids and I was interested in little kids, where some people are kind of like ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t stand kids.’ I was always just like why not, they’re so cool?” said Edmonds.

Edmonds hopes to inspire children to chase their dreams with her platform, “pay it forward,” by mentoring the stars of the future.

“I really want to urge people to get involved in the mentor program. Just teaching kids that they can just do whatever they want to do, anything they inspire to do. So being able to say you know, this is something I tried one time and I didn’t win it and I went back for it again and I got it” said Edmonds.

Temple’s own Francesca Ruscio, Miss Philadelphia 2013, has been a major supporter along the way.

“The Miss Philadelphia organization is like a big sisterhood. So Francesca, she’s been really supportive. She’s been texting me sending me emails, just giving me advice,” said Ruscio.

Edmonds will go on to compete in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant in June.

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