Miss SOCA Pageant Provides “Island Heat”

The weather isn’t the only thing warming up the weekend. The ladies of the 2014 Miss SOCA Caribbean Pageant have brought their native island heat to the colorful competition.

Ke’Chali, a word not often heard around campus is but one of those with powerful meaning at the ninth annual Miss SOCA Caribbean Queen Pageant. In accordance with the virtues of the Miss SOCA winner, Ke’Chali means earth jewel in the native Caribbean languages. Miss Panama, Miss Barbados, Miss Jamaica and Miss Dominican Republic stepped up to reveal what makes them a Caribbean earth jewel.

“I went to the info session, found out about it, interviewed and later last semester I got the good news,” said Ariela Contreras, Miss Panama, of how she got involved in the Miss SOCA pageant.

Miss SOCA contestants compete to be the "earth jewel" of the CaribbeanThe Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness celebrated twenty three years of family, tradition, and culture at Temple University during the Miss SOCA pageant. Family, friends and students enjoyed food and music while they watched the contestants honor their heritage.

“I found out about the pageant from one of my good friends, Shanice Greene. She actually took part in the OAS pageant last year and told me it’d be a great experience and she was right,” said Tanell Lewis, candidate and Miss Barbados.

The crown went to junior Rochelle Brown, representing Barbados. She will reign until the next annual competition.



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