Mr. NCNW pageant highlights achievements of Temple’s men of color

The Mr. NCNW pageant has become an extension on the road of self-discovery for each of its five contestants.

Established two years ago by members of Temple’s chapter of the National Council of Negro Women, the pageant aims to highlight the achievements of men of color on Temple’s campus.

Taylor Austin, President of the Temple chapter of NCNW, said, “In the media, a lot of black men are portrayed in a negative light, and I feel like this really just brings out the great men on our campus and all that they have to offer.”

Though the pageant is all-male, its structure does not differ much from more well-known pageants, such as Miss America, or Miss USA.

Each of the contestants are required to prepare talents based on their strength and answer questions.

“A man pageant I thought was very interesting, very original, and it was something I definitely wanted to try out,” said Tykee James, a Mr. NCNW contestant.

Another huge part of the pageant are the speeches each contestant has to give. Most of them feature the road of self-discovery each of them have traveled.

The winner of the pageant will be rewarded with $500 to put towards their education. But, the scholarship is not the most important thing he will receive. Along with the check, the winner will also go on to take a leadership position with NCNW.

“I know I’m still a freshman, but if I win, I know that I came really far from where I’ve started,” said Jeremy Lee, Mr. NCNW contestant.

With goals like those in sight, it clear that the Mr. NCNW title will be in good hands, no matter who wins.

The Mr. NCNW pageant will take place on Saturday, March 28 at 6:30 p.m. in room 200 of the Student Center.

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