MSP Professor Wins the 2017 Innovative Teaching with Technology Award

Prof. Laura Zaylea
Professor Laura Zaylea

The Innovative Teaching with Technology Award is a university-wide award, given out annually to a professor who significantly integrates technology into teaching and learning. This year, Media Studies and Production professor Laura Zaylea has been nominated, and ultimately chosen, to receive the 2017 Innovative Teaching with Technology Award.

As Temple reported, Professor Zaylea is known for teaching a wide variety of formats, including a hybrid and online class, a large lecture, a lecture with a lab, and a studio production class. In each of her class, she finds a way to integrate multiple forms of technology, including social media platforms, classroom engagement sites and technologies, and different tools that aid online learning.

One of her classes, Intro to Media Technology, allows the implementation of various production technologies, which in return allows students to create audio, video, and graphic design projects. All of these works are then intertwined at the end of the year onto one coherent website, via Another class that Professor Zaylea teaches, an emergent media production course, allows students to explore different media technologies to create webisodes, iBooks, text-based games, multiple augmented reality projects, locative media projects, and creative coding projects.

Professor Zaylea also regularly hosts lectures within the Media Studies and Production department, on various topics relating to emerging media technologies. These lectures include Genres of Media Production, Technology and Culture, Media Institutions, and LGBT Media Representation. She also assists other professors at Temple with issues with teaching with technology, ranging from how-to Blackboard Questions to how to approach writing in an online course form.

Overall, Professor Zaylea is passionate about exploring different media technologies related to video production and digital storytelling. Emerging technologies and their immensely creative capabilities are central to her teaching at Temple University’s Lew Klein College of Media and Communications. Congratulations to Professor Laura Zaylea for her outstanding accomplishments, and for receiving the 2017 Temple University Teaching with Technology Award.


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