Netflix Turns Philadelphia Into Stars Hollow, Connecticut

Memorabilia from the Pop Up Luke's Diner
Memorabilia from the Pop Up Luke’s Diner

Promoting the revival of the early 2000s television show Gilmore Girls, Netflix took over three Philadelphia coffee shops early Wednesday morning. Three HubBub coffee shops were transformed into the diner frequently featured in the show, “Luke’s Diner.” Opening at 7 a.m., patrons were given free coffee, a t-shirt, and a keychain; all with pictures and quotes significant to the popular show.

Gilmore Girls, first airing in 2000, followed the life of a mother and daughter living in Connecticut. After an eventful seven seasons, it ended its run in 2007. However, the show had such a lasting impact it has continued to live on in people’s hearts.”I grew up watching the show with my family every day at dinner so it was more for sentimental value and sending pictures to my mom,” Kennedy Freeman, a sophomore of Temple University said.

While the the original demographic of viewers ranged from college aged girls to older women, the show has a significant demographic of today’s college students. Amongst the crowds of various people at the event, a few small groups of young Temple students could be found.

“When we got there the line was huge, it wrapped around the building and all the way behind it too,” Maddie Henry, a sophomore at Temple University explained of her experience. “Once you got inside there was a Luke’s Diner sign and a cardboard cutout of the classic ‘no cellphones allowed’ sign.”

The publicity stunt definitely caught the attention of old fans and new, prompting them for a miniseries revival, coming to Netflix on November 25, 2016.


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