New Food Option on Campus: Uncle Lee LunchBox

Since the 1960s, food trucks have helped define Temple’s food culture. Some students saw business opportunities before they completed their studies. Hongrui Zhang is one of them. In the summer of this year, he applied for his license and began his homemade LunchBoxes.

“I came up with this business idea when I see a huge demand [from the] international student body, who is looking for authentic Chinese food elsewhere other than restaurants and food trucks,” said Hongrui Zhang.

The material used in Uncle Lee’s LunchBoxes is freshly grown. Uncle Lee’s family has a vegetable garden, where many kinds of vegetables in the LunchBoxes come from. This includes peppers, carrots, and beans.

Since the Uncle Lee LunchBox business has just started, it is applying to become a member of Temple University food trucks. They accept mobile reservations now and they provide delivery services around 12:00 PM every day.

“Our LunchBox mainly serves chicken, pork, beef, and sometimes shrimp. [It’s] two dishes, one meat, one vegetable, plus rice. It is a platter that sells for $9.00 and deliver[s] every day,” Hongrui Zhang said.

Students can text 267-475-5703 to make the reservation for the next day’s LunchBox. They will provide the next day’s menu a day in advance.

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