New Indoor Recreation Practice Facility Coming Soon

Temple University’s Project Delivery Group will soon begin the construction of yet another new facility. An indoor recreation practice facility will be built on the corner of 15th and Montgomery, directly behind Pearson McGonigle Hall and currently the site of an outdoor track.

That same track used by many community members will be retained and expanded to surround the new facility. The building will be centered by an indoor field to be used by the football team for practice, surrounded by general recreational spaces as well as classrooms.

One school in particular will reap the most benefit from this new facility, as it will provide the College of Public Health with workspace for Physical and Occupational Therapy students. Many students in this field currently have to commute to Temple’s Health and Sciences Campus where they share space with the School of Pharmacy.

Dean of the College of Public Health, Laura Siminoff, spoke to how critical this new facility will be for her program.

“For anybody who’s ever relied on a physical therapist, occupational therapist or ever gone to an athletic trainer, you know you want those people to be really well trained. Part of that is providing them with the equipment and the space to do so.”

One feature exclusive to CPH will be model apartments built to teach students ways to tend to patients that use disability accessible facilities.

Outside of classroom space, there will be fitness areas similar to those in Pearson Mcgonigle Hall, and the famous rock climbing wall will relocate here as well.

While many students did not know this building was coming, others seemed to question it’s usefulness, with stadium controversy still at large.

Junior Jake Ludwick said “We could use some other updates around here besides the sports team getting both the stadium and this facility too.”

But Freshman student Julia Ostrovsky had a positive outlook.
“I think we do lack a lot of facilities for people to practice for sports, and if the stadium does get approved, I think it’s nice to get an indoor facility to have people practice in.”

However Dean Siminoff was sure to stress that this facility, and the potential new football stadium are two separate entities.

“I don’t have very much to do with the stadium, but I can tell you that this s being built whether or not the stadium is ever realized or not. So, it has really nothing to do with the stadium, and hopefully, students will be excited about this because it really is going to elevate several of our programs.”

Construction is to begin this May and the building is scheduled to be finished by Summer of 2017.

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