New Jersey Legalizes Recreational Marijuana; PA Debate Continues

New Jersey’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana took effect Thursday, April 21, for people aged 21 and over.

Thirteen dispensaries have been approved for recreational use, with a limit of one once per buyer at a time.

Although people out of state will be able to travel to New Jersey for marijuana, in some states like Pennsylvania recreational use is illegal.

The state Senate held hearings on the potential use of the drug have been focused on the potential effects on children. State Senator Judy Ward said, “Before taking this step I strongly believe we must consider the potential impact of this decision on our children and youth.”

Temple Update spoke to students on Temple’s campus for their opinions with the majority being in support of New Jersey’s legalization of recreational marijuana..

Peyton Demaio said “I’m not opposed to anybody doing that as long as you’re not affecting anybody else do what you want”

However, there is hope for the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania. Recently senators approved a marijuana banking bill that safeguards banks and insurers from being penalized for working with legal marijuana businesses.

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