New Library Furniture Feedback

Temple Libraries held a furniture mock up on the ground floor of Carnell Hall. The goal was to invite students to help select the new library furnishings. Upon entering the room a vast array of chairs, couches and tables awaited any and all students weighing in on the decision.

Students like Ari Goldstein were encouraged to come in, take a seat, examine their future study areas and rank their choices on a form provided as soon as they walked in the door.

“The furniture now at the library, I go there sometimes but it kind of sucks,” Ari said. “And to be able to like give my input on it’s really cool.”

Senior Alexandra Kirsch was also excited to express her opinion. “It’s really cool that they’re having students test out the chairs since it is for the students.”

Temple Alum Sarah Amon and Sophomore Matt Wynnette were also willing to express their gratitude.

“I think it’s great that we get to try them out,” Sarah said. “Not just seeing pictures of whatever. We can just come to a place and see what we the temple students would like to sit on.”

“I’m glad we get an opportunity to give our feedback. And it makes me, yeah it makes me look forward to the new library,” said sophomore Matt Wynnette, in hopes that the construction will be done before his graduation.

The furniture that was picked by the Santec design firm is already a hit among students.

“They’re really modern,” Ari said. “It incorporates a lot of technology. They put a lot of outlets on it, places to charge your phone.”

Alexandra agreed, saying, “It’s very modern, up-to-date and very comfortable.”

“Definitely nice pieces of furniture,” stated Matt.

Sarah expressed “My favorites were definitely the ‘cushiony-er’ ones.”

By giving students a voice the project is no longer just for Temple students but also by Temple students. The Library Committee states that the selections will be finalized within the year. There is still time for students to give their input if they haven’t already. The last days to try out the furniture is October 25th. Be sure to visit the Temple University Libraries website in order to find floor plans, a Construction Site livestream and other information about the new Central Library.

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