Norris Street Water Main Break: Aftermath

Norris Street is restored following the water main break that flooded parts of campus.

The flooding made getting around the area a nightmare for students.

I’m over at Presser so I had to walk through all the streets with all the water on them,” said freshman Kaley Labovitz.

“You either like crossed through the water or you had to go way far down to find someplace dry,” senior Ben Weaver said. “A lot of people just jump over, but they didn’t really make it.”

The damage to the street is repaired and students shouldn’t have any issues getting around Norris. However, students will be missing a familiar sight.

The Korea House food truck was forced to relocate in the aftermath of the flood.

“Yes we had problems,” said Soo Kim, the owner and cook for Korea House. “They said we needed to move so we moved. My customers say, ‘Where is the Korean food truck?’ They are looking.”

The Korea House is currently waiting for permission to return to their normal location on Norris Street.

Temple University will not be charged for any of the reconstruction costs and the break did not interfere with library construction.


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