Norristown Businesses Flourish as Cosby Trial Continues

The Cosby trial has thrust Norristown into the national spotlight in recent weeks – and the crowds are making some business owners in the local community pretty happy.
Pauline’s Deli is just around the corner from the Montgomery County Courthouse, and has seen a large wave of new customers within the last few days of court proceedings.
Amy Gentile, a waitress, at Pauline’s Deli for just over a year, says that it’s been pretty hectic around lunchtime especially.
“We’ve been working like machines in here,” she said Wednesday during a brief lull in business before lunch time. “Lunch has been crazy and I believe it’s put us in a situation of…survival mode.”
When court adjourns for lunch, there is only a short window to grab a quick bite to eat – usually just about an hour.
“We’ve had some really great people come in whether they’re jury selections and we’ve had a couple celebrities.”
And it’s not just Pauline’s that is reaping the benefits of the celebrity court case.
Alma Laguna, who owns Las Palmas del Sur, says they have been located on Main Street in Norristown for about four years, and they have enjoyed the increase in business.
“We’re doing good on lunch normally but on those days, we’re doing better,” she said. “All these tables here – and so many to go orders.”
The end of the trial is still a ways away, but local restaurants such as Pauline’s and Las Palmas are ready and eager to serve the visitors.
“I’ve really enjoyed the guests – I’m here to serve them. While we’re here, come on in!” said Gentile.

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