Nursing Students Venture into the Community

Temple nursing students follow a curriculum that others students may find unique. Clinicals, a crucial part of the curriculum, allow students to actually observe and treat patients. Nursing students begin working clinical rounds  in their first semester in the program.

“The first semester they have some exposure and observation in acute care.   But in the second semester we actually have them out in the community,” said the Associate Director of the program, Elizabeth Elkind.

Nursing student helps patientStudents weighed in on the program’s unique environment, including the very real situations first year students must address, but also the element of the urban learning environment Philadelphia provides.

“I think it’s going to help us when we graduate to fully be ready to be working wherever we need to be,” said freshman nursing student, Emily Guinan.

Dr. Elkind agreed, stating that Philadelphia provides students with “a wealth of diversity and a lot of opportunities they may not have in other settings, that don’t have the access we have here in Philadelphia.”

North City Congress is just one of many places nursing students partake in clinicals throughout their career at Temple and allows students to give back to the community while continuing their education. Patients involved in the program and member medical centers also reap the benefits, receiving state-of-the-art care with up to date information such as health screenings and healthy living.

“The members here seem to really enjoy our presence. They thanked us, its good to hear that feedback from multiple people throughout the community,” said freshman, Carly Hawkins.




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