O’Connor Elected to Final Term as Head of Temple Board

Longtime Temple Board of Trustee Chairman Patrick O’Connor will depart from his position following his final term with Temple University.

Serving as the head of Temple’s board for 10 years, O’Connor will be replaced by Vice Chair Mitchell L. Morgan, the namesake of Morgan Hall, though O’Connor is expected to stay on the board.

“Good governance calls for clear succession planning, and at the end of 10 years as chairman, I believe it is time to move to the next generation of leaders,” O’Connor stated when speaking on his departure.

Joining Temple’s board in 1971, O’Connor, the youngest board member in the university’s history, served until his departure in 1984. O’Connor would later return to the board in 2001 and was elected board chair in 2006.

O’Connor oversaw some of the most ambitious changes in Temple’s history, including a wide array of campus projects and renovations.

O’Connor’s replacement, Mitchell Morgan, is a Temple alumn of the class of 1976 and has been a part of Temple’s board since 2002.

Morgan stated that “As someone who worked my way through college in a shoe store and experienced firsthand the doors that a Temple education can open, I have a deep appreciation for this university and what it stands for,”

O’Connor’s departure comes after many in the Temple community expressed concerns over his 2005 defense of Bill Cosby.

Morgan will take over for O’Connor starting August 1st.

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