One Family’s Covid-19 Story

After Temple University urged students living off-campus to leave school, I returned home with my family in Feasterville-Trevose.

While following instructions to quarantine and practice social distancing, I spoke with each of my family members concerning COVID-19, and they expressed how their work and home life have heavily been affected. My father, David Cameron, manager at J&J Snack foods, and my brother Tyler Cameron, Senior SEO Account Manager at Seer Interactive, spoke about how the virus has impacted their clientele.

My mother, Toni Cameron, Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse at Abington Memorial Hospital, discussed the health risks that she undertakes while continuing to work with patients every day. She also touched on the topic of family and how scary it is that she could potentially bring it home to us.

Although the virus has profoundly impacted our everyday lives, my family has still managed to find the positives within staying inside with each other. We have been able to spend time together while enhancing our knowledge concerning education and current events.

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