Online Classes Expansion

In the past year, Temple has increased the number of online classes by 20 percent as Temple University moves toward making online degrees an option. Temple offered about 400 online classes in the 2013-2014 school year. The Office of Digital Education’s mission is to expand the number of online classes for students who usually can’t make the classes offered on Temple’s campus.

Many online courses use discussion boards on Blackboard to communicate. There are a multiple number of course options that a student can choose from for an online class. There are ways in online environment either using come synchronous pieces like WeEx, said Daniel White, the Director of Digital Education. There are also asynchronous courses, which students are asked to do something and they do it at their own pace.

Some students prefer to go class to get more one-on-one opportunities with the professor. Adrian Sullivan, Junior says he likes lectures he gets to learn more from the professor’s hands on.

But other students like to be able to teach themselves at the comfort of their own home instead of going to actual lectures. Alex McLaughlin, Junior, said she likes taking online classes than going to class because it is more self paced.

Certain students are able to prosper in online classes while others need that connection with their professor. Sometimes online classes are not for everybody. Students may need that motivation and inspiration from a professor.

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