Owlcapella Leaves the Nest for Festival

Owlcappella is one of four of Temple University’s a cappella groups on campus. The 14-member group has been performing for ten years, and is known as a top competitor in several regional singing competitions. 

“We’ve competed in the ICCA, or International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, for the past two years … that was an awesome experience. We love competing, but we were kind of looking for a festival that was less intense,” said Joe Reilly, the Assistant Music Director of Owlcappella.

This year, they’re hoping to branch out from their previous competitions by attending a music conference in Boston that will enable them to sharpen their skills.

Boston Sings, or BOSS, is a three-day event, which includes feature performances, workshops with professionals, and more. 

Owlcapella hopes that BOSS will be a bright new opportunity for them to hear professional feedback of their work, and perform in a more relaxed setting. They also hope that travelling outside their comfort zone would help open up the group to new opportunities. 

“We’re very used to hearing our own critiques to each other in our own rehearsal spaces, so having outside opinion can be really beneficial,” said Madeleine Coutts, President of Owlcapella.

Owlcapella members are seeking to achieve this goal by raising money to enter the Boston Sings a cappella festival, which is set for April 3-5.  

The group currently has a goal to raise $4000 by April to attend. Click here to donate to their gofundme page. 

Yet competition and experience isn’t everything for Owlcapella members. For everyone in the group, singing together has formed a sense of community and pride. 

“Two times out of the week, I feel like I am completely myself with my friends, making music that we’re proud of,” said Julia Cuevas, Owlcapella’s booking manager. 

Owlcapella meets Monday and Thursday evenings in the basement of Presser Hall to rehearse for their competitions. They also hold auditions every fall semester for anyone looking to join a musical group on campus. For more information, visit their website

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