Owls Adjust to Life Abroad in London

For Temple students studying abroad in London, it can sometimes be difficult to adjust to life across the pond, let alone moving to an upscale neighborhood. Temple University students studying in London have gotten a chance to live on one of the most elite streets in London: King’s Road.

This stretch of pavement houses some of the most designer stores and lavish restaurants.

“When you think of living in London you think you’re living in a really nice place, and the fact that we’re staying in a really nice place makes that picture come to life,” says London study abroad student, Samantha Nestel.

Being in London a little over a month, students have finally begun to understand the city and its transportation system. Being from a city like Philadelphia and having access to certain phone applications, this part of moving to another country has not been too difficult of an adjustment.

As the semester continues, students are excited to become a real citizen of London. They are excited to start their internships, find local attractions, and easily travel around Europe.

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