Owls Adjusting to Life Abroad

With just seven weeks into the London experience, our Temple Owls are starting to make their new home feel like home. One of the students, Alex Cove, tells us about some her favorite locations and how she has adjusted into the London life.

“Well the first place is Shoreditch, which is the really cool, kind of hipster area of London. They have so much graffiti and so much wall art and it’s absolutely beautiful. They have really cool clothing stores,” said Cove.

Being a fashion blogger she has taken a liking to all of the vintage stores and markets in the area, despite her new-found love with London, Cove still feels homesick at times.

“When I am, I just kind of like to be by myself, do something that I’ve done when I’m home. I sometimes like to go to a coffee shop, I’ll just read my books.”

Although with the ups and downs of studying abroad, the opportunity is one that Alex will remember for the rest of her life.

Joselyn Castro is one of two student correspondents for Temple Update as she studies abroad in London. You can find other stories she’s worked on during her time abroad below:

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