Owls’ Early Season Dominance Continues

Continuing their dominance in all things football related, Temple notched two more victories for their Men’s Soccer and Football teams over University of Pennsylvania and University of Massachusetts, respectively.

During their soccer game, Jorge Gomez-Sanchez erupted for three goals, one in the first half and a pair in the second. Not only was the offense on the top of it’s game, but the defense completely shut down UPenn’s attack. UPenn only took three shots throughout the entire game.

In comparison, Temple took 16 shots which resulted into three goals, and four saves by UPenn. UPenn took three. Featured Temple athlete of the month, Alex Cagle, was rendered completely useless throughout this matchup as UPenn never even had the chance to think about kicking the ball in the goal.

Temple simply showed the sort of two-way dominance that has led them to this 6-0-1 record, and being ranked #23 throughout the country. They came, they sought, and they conquered in a 3-0 victory that had to have fans leaving UPenn’s arena feeling upset about this loss. It’s just in another days work for the early season juggernaut, which is Temple’s Men’s Soccer team.

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