Owls Flock to Beury Beach

These were just a few sentiments heard from students hanging out at Beury Beach in the long-awaited sunshine:

“In the winter, I can’t stand how cold it is, so it’s really nice to see it be spring this early on,” said junior Tina Ngo. “Because I know last year, it was so cold.”

“It’s been making me want to do a lot more around campus and see more people and seeing all these people on campus is a real mood-lifter, that’s for sure,” said sophomore Julia Capatch.

Visiting West Chester student Shane Pettway is part of a travel dance non-profit company and they made their way to the Bell Tower to enjoy the spring weather.

“We do anything for our community, but when we see things like this, we just do it to have fun,” said Pettway. “Cause that’s what it’s about, to have fun.”

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