PA District 1 & 2 Winners Announced

pa flagThe 2016 election has been making history since the start and has continued the trend through voting day.

District 2 candidate Chaka Fattah, who has been the representative for District 2 since 1994, lost the primary to newcomer Dwight Evans. District 1 incumbent Robert Brady, representative since 1998, kept his position.

Evans beat out 3 other candidates in the Democratic party. including Fattah. Fattah lost the favorable vote and the primary and after he was sentenced to prison following news of an embezzlement and fraud scandal broke out. Evans currently sits on no committees but will be assigned to one in the near future.

Brady currently serves on numerous committees including the Armed Services, House Administration and Joint Committee on Printing. He had voted for past laws towards the Trade Act such as trade adjustment towards the Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act and on Defense, defense spending. He also voted in favor of a nuclear plan for Iran and Approval of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for Foreign Affairs among numerous others for a variety of departments.

Brady covers central and South Philadelphia, Chester, Philadelphia International Airport, and other small areas of Delaware County in District 1. Evans covers West Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia along with parts of South Philadelphia, Center City, and western suburbs such as Lower Merion and Montgomery County.

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