Will paint for tuition: One art student’s way of paying for school

Courtesy of Will Paint For Tuition

A Temple University student is painting the town cherry and white. Noah Hamilton, a freshman, pays off his college tuition one portrait at a time.

Last semester, Hamilton began his education in Fine Arts at highly esteemed Tyler School of Art. Yet, due to financial troubles and added family burdens Hamilton found himself unable to pay $7,000 required to continue his education in the spring.

Hearing that Hamilton was planning on dropping out of school due to lack of financial support, his mother, Jane Hamilton, posted an appeal to a crowd funding website Indiegogo called, “Will Paint For Tuition.”

Hamilton agreed to contribute an original piece to all of his funders no matter their donation. His works to donors ranged from $25 caricature to original commissioned pieces costing $1,000.

The funding efforts were a success, having captured the attention of hundreds of supporters Hamilton raised a total of $8,110.




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