Paley’s Special Collection Prepares for a Big Move

Even with the upcoming Charles Library still under construction, Paley Library is still thinking about the move ahead. Nowhere is thought of moving getting more attention than in the Special Collections Research Center located in the basement of Paley.

Dean of Libraries Joe Lucia describes the S.C.R.C. stating, “the special collections here are pretty unique in that the great body of our material relates to the cultural, historic, social, and civic life of the city of Philadelphia.”

The collection, overseen by Director Margery Sly, has been in the process of recording and categorizing its materials in preparation for the move.

Asked for her opinion about how the new library would benefit the S.C.R.C., Director Sly told Temple Update, “right now we have staff and stuff in about twenty rooms in this building on four different floors. So, combining in one location will be great.”

For more information on the S.C.R.C and its upcoming move, feel free to visit the collection’s website.

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