How Papal Visit Will Affect Commuter Students

Philadelphia has made preparations for the upcoming visit of Pope Francis. His visit will cause complications for Temple University commuting students and faculty.

The City will shut down all major highways and the Ben Franklin Bridge. SEPTA is also closing down stops in the area that he will be visiting. Without having mass transit and highways, this will his cause a challenge to get in and out of the city.
Temple University will be closed on Friday, Sept. 25 to decrease the impact the Papal visit will have on commuters. But the days surrounding the visit will cause delays for commuters as well. Students and faculty will need to make a judgment call as to whether to come to school those days

Temple Commuter Bahaa Kutub says “I’m going to see how the beginning of the week goes and if I see a lot of traffic and IMG_1477considering public transportation is going to have a lot of trouble, then I’m definitely going to reconsider not driving to the city.”

Some of Temple’s faculty has made preparations for the visit.  Some professors have been proactive and have either cancelled class or have set up an online class to attend. Fox School of Business Professor Crystal Harold says “Faculty in our school are being advised to seek out technological support so that if we don’t have to come to campus, then perhaps we can have a lecture online so that students can get the lecture content online.”
The Pope’s visit will create challenges for all Temple Students and Faculty. Ultimately it will be up to students and faculty if they will come to the city or not.

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