Penn Hospital Confirms Suspected Patient Does not Have Ebola

Concerns arose Wednesday when University of Pennsylvania Hospital officials reported that a patient was being treated for possible Ebola virus infection.

After testing through yesterday, however, the hospital and PA Health Department officials have cleared the patient of any risk of infection.

Ebola, a deadly virus currently still causing havoc in many smaller African nations, is a disease spread through bodily contact, typically through the blood of those infected.

This weeks scare is the latest in a long string of fears over Ebola spreading to the United States.

In 2014 the CDC reported that there were 4 reported cases, resulting in 1 death, but the outbreak was quickly contained.

The disease was believed to have entered the country through aid workers and citizens traveling to the U.S. from the Liberian International Airport.

Penn Hospital has not stated where the patient was suspected to have contracted the disease, but have confirmed that all risk has been mitigated and that the patient was cleared of any possible infection.

Hospital functions are expected to proceed as usual.

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