Philadelphia’s Millennial Advisory Committee

The Philadelphia Mayor’s Office has recently named the newest members of the Millennial Advisory Committee.

After more than 400 online submissions were received for the committee, there were 20 individuals chosen to become a part of the panel. Members of the committee include a diverse panel of Philadelphians ranging in ages 23 to 34 years old. Each will serve for a term of one year.

This committee will work alongside the mayor’s office to develop city policy to create more engagement within the large millennial community in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia currently has one of the largest millennial populations on the east coast and this committee will also be one of the first of its kind in any major city in the country. The Millennial Advisory Committee was founded by the Managing Director’s Office under former managing director Rich Negrin, who is now a candidate for district attorney.

Millennial Advisory Committee 2017

One of the candidates serving on this committee is Temple University Alumni Raymond Smeriglio, who is also currently the Assistant Director of Temple University’s Athletics Development.

“It really made sense in a lot of ways to give back in this way. I love government. I think it has a great impact on its citizens and be involved in any way was really impactful and this was a really cool way to get involved with the city of Philadelphia and the mayor’s office,” said Smeriglio.

Like Smeriglio, the committee aims to not only get committee members involved in city issues but the entire millennial community as a whole.

“Millennials are one of the largest generational groups in the city and yet our voting rate is about 17%. We are going to look at various issues that affect millennials, that effect their positions in the city and whether or not they stay in the city and how we can continue to keep the millennial coming and staying here,” said Nicole Allen White, the chair of the committee.

The Millennial Advisory Committee will meet monthly in locations throughout the city. A few of those meetings will be open to the public of all ages and millennials in Philadelphia are encouraged to come and join the conversation.

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