Physical OWLCards On The Way Out

Putting an emphasis on digital cards, stored on your phone, Temple University has begun phasing out physical OWLCards.

The reaction on campus has been mixed. “I know I would always lose my card, but once I put it on my phone I really didn’t have to worry about where my physical card was,” said Temple senior, Rumasa Syed.

Jillian, an Art major at Tyler, added, “I also know the sculpture studio is trying to make it so that the machines are only used when you have your card on you. That’s kinda annoying because you can’t use your phone yet, I’m assuming.”  

For students who don’t have a cell phone or the ability to put their Owl card on their phones, the university will still provide their first physical Owl card for free. 

For additional information on the OWL card transition, click here

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