Pope Francis Brings Amor to the City of Brotherly Love

With the arrival of Pope Francis in The City of Brotherly Love just under twenty-four hours away, one of Philadelphia’s most iconic building is getting a new work of art just in time.

On Tuesday, The Association for Public Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosted the unveiling of Robert Indiana’s AMOR Sculpture. Robert Indiana is known as the man behind the iconic LOVE Sculpture, which is at the opposite end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

According to Caitlyn Martin, the representative of the Association for Public Art, states that having two of Indiana’s sculptures “will convey a strong message that we are a welcoming city.”

The sculpture’s installation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art serves a purpose for the Pope’s visit. The sculpture will overlook the Papal mass held on September 27.

The AMOR sculpture is currently on loan to Philadelphia through the remainder of 2015. You can follow social media reaction to the sculpture through #AmorPhilly. 



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