Theater Professor Promotes the Positive

Maggie Anderson, an Assistant Theater Professor, is working to make a positive impact on her students.

With the countless auditions that actors must face, one’s personal image can be brought down by rejections.

Professor Anderson is taking on that cost with her classes, which promote motivational thinking and a healthy mind-set.

“So we work on a wide range of kind of emotional places that a character would need to visit,” Professor Anderson stated.

Anderson believes that the different types of movement and energy that she is making her class get in contact with is only going to make them be more confident when they enter any audition room.

With the theater business being so competitive, she wants her students to understand how important it is to take care of yourself. With a healthy mind-set and body, she feels her students can accomplish anything.

“They don’t need to emulate or be somebody else they just need to be who they are and honor and express that.”


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