PROFILE: Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania’s incumbent Governor, republican Tom Corbett, came into the Gubernatorial Election with a statewide approval rating of 24%, which is the lowest of the 43 states polled by the Public Policy Polling survey.

Gubernatorial Candidate Thomas Corbett

The Facts: 

Corbett is running on a platform of “Building a Stronger PA.” Corbett wants to continue working to keep state income taxes down.

When it comes to education, Corbett believes that spending wisely is more important than increasing the state’s education budget. Corbett is a strong advocate for giving public school students credit to attend private establishments and creating a state commission for authorizing charter schools. Many liberals accuse the governor of irresponsibly cutting education which has led to many school closings especially in Philadelphia.

Corbett’s stance on abortion rights is in line with his Republican party. He signed legislation to prevent private insurance companies from covering abortion procedures in the marketplace created by the 2010 federal health care law.  The Governor gained the support of the Federal government for parts of his “Healthy PA” plan to subsidize private insurance coverage using Medicaid expansion dollars. Corbett needs federal approval to decrease Medicaid benefits for healthy adults.

You can find more information on Corbett’s platform at:

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