Protesters Vow to Keep Their Voices Heard

Hundreds of protesters marched from Market Street to City Hall Thursday evening in what they called a “March Against Discrimination.”

This demonstration came in response to President Trump’s executive order that included a travel ban, preventing people from seven majority Muslim nations from entering the United States.

The Liberty City LGBT Discrimination Club gathered demonstrators representative of the LGBT community as well as other minority groups including Black Lives Matter PA Chapter and the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women

“We are taking to the streets to march in opposition to Trump’s dark and twisted view of America exemplified by his latest series of discriminatory policies and statements coming from his administration,” organizers explained in a social media post promoting the event.

During the march chants rang out like “I deserve safety now,” and “No Trump. No KKK. No Factious USA.”

Demonstrator Dorothy Morrison says she attends as many protests she can in hopes to get results in Washington.

“The more we push, the more things are going to get pulled back.” Morrison said. “We have to just keep pushing and fighting and making this happen, because it’s not going to happen unless we’re out here doing it.”



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