R.E.A.L. Justice Activists March on Broad

“We are the people! We are the people!”

Chants like these carried down Broad Street as protestors marched almost three miles towards City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

The march, helmed by the Philly Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice, divided protestors by race to make a specific point. White people were sent to the back, while black protestors marched at the front, saying it’s time to fight their own battles. It’s not about segregation, but a fight for racial equality. R.E.A.L. Justice is a grassroots campaign that fights for racial, economic, and legal justice.

“I’m fighting for the poor and the blacks who have been targeted with violence by the white establishment,” said protestor Robert Shainwald.

“Misogony, xeonophopia, racisim,” chimed in Daryl MceIveen.

But the main point Black Lives Matter activists are trying to make is that they feel misunderstood.

“Whites don’t know the struggle that we’ve been through,” said one protestor.

Some say this struggle made them scared of the police today. That’s why protestors say there is more work to be done this week, while the convention is in town.

“This is the time…the tension of the world is focused on Philadelphia,” said Shainwald.

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