Café in Ritter Annex offers a ‘Rad Dish’

Rad Dish artA group of students here at Temple University made their vision of a student-run cooperative café a reality. The RadDish Café first opened on February 5th and serves food daily from 10am to 3pm in Ritter Annex.

The student-run café has already begun to create a buzz on campus. The menu includes a variety of locally sourced, organic fare that is both vegan and vegetarian.

Their long term goal is to make the transition into serving meat when they are able to obtain the proper equipment to cook it. As students themselves, the founders of RadDish made the café very student-budget friendly, with no item exceeding seven dollars.

raddish art

RadDish is also partnering with NeuronNectar, another student-run business on campus. NeuronNectar creates healthy juice drinks in a high powered, professional grade blender.

Their goal is create drinks that naturally effect the mind of the consumer. They have various types of beverages meant to help students relax, study and more. Together, these healthy options are giving Temple students an organic and hearty food option right on campus.

The café also offers students a chance to be on the board of directors by signing up for membership. For just twenty-five dollars, students can buy-in to become an equity member and also receive 10% off of every purchase they make.

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