WHIP Hosts Annual Networking Event

The fourth annual WHIP Radio Networking Summit took place on Friday, March 28th. Between 11 am and 3 pm, the event consisted of various 50 minute panels. These panels included music, news, marketing, social media, sports, podcasts, and women in radio from various places, including KYW News Radio, CBS Sports Radio, and Media Friendly Pr.

The director of production at WHIP, Nate Weaver, told us about this event and what the day would look like for students, saying that “This event is for the benefit of the students as well as the panelists getting to know the next generation of radio and media in general. So we’re bringing the professionals in the top market to talk to students about what it takes to make it into a top market, and not only that but exposing the students to the people in the profession so that they can network and possibly get internships, maybe jobs.” Weaver told us that they thought the way this event was set up would be a lot more beneficial than it has been in years past because there are a number of short panels that are all very different, so students could pick a choose.

We also got to speak with the entertainment director at WHIP, Victoria Leese, who was very excited about the event. She told us that “In this industry, it’s not about what you know it’s about who you know. So the networking aspect that students are able to get out of this is going to be so beneficial because when they reach out, if they need an internship or anything, they can say “Hey, I attended the WHIP Turns event, here’s a little bit about me, it was really awesome to hear what you had to say at this panel…” So, making that connection and allowing the panels to be like “Oh yeah, I was there, I do remember that…” That is really what we want students to be able to get out of it.”

This event brought in many key speakers from all over the world of radio and media. Students were able to learn from professionals and can now take this experience with them through the rest of their college career and beyond.

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