Ring Doorbell Policy Change Sparks Debate

Ring doorbells have become an almost universal sight in cities and neighborhoods across the country, and footage from them has become a staple on neighborhood message boards. The company is removing a feature of the Ring companion app, Neighbors, that lets police request footage directly from Ring doorbell owners without a warrant. Off-campus students who use ring doorbells had much to say on how this could affect campus safety.

Temple student Harrison Grant expressed uncertainty about the potential impact stating “I think it has a slight possibility, I guess we won’t know until it happens.” Another Student, Griffin Schanz, raised concerns on the matter, “I think the ring doorbells look into the public streets so I really don’t think they should need a warrant.”

This change comes after concerns were raised about consumer privacy and broad police access. Despite the controversy, Amazon, the parent company of Ring, has remained silent on the matter and has not made any official statement regarding the device and change in policy.

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