Sylvester Stallone Returns to the ‘Rocky Steps’


Sylvester Stallone returns to the ‘Rocky’ Steps to release his new film Creed from the Rock franchise. Co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Tess Thompson were alongside Stallone at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Mayor Nutter also attended presenting the stars with a replica of the Liberty Bell.

Creed tells the story of a young boxer, Adonis Creed, who follows his father’s footsteps, Apollo Creed, although he never met his father. He confides in Rocky Balboa to become his mentor in the world of boxing.

Creed brings the same vibes of Rocky that the older generation can relate to while introducing a new character.  It shares the same values of family and love that the audience can relate to and remember those same values 40 years ago in Rocky’s picture.

Stallone was proud to be back in his hometown, the city of brotherly love, and thanked Philadelphia for all of the love and support it has given him.

Creed will open in theaters on Thanksgiving Day, November 26.

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