Rowing Through the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to surge a vast majority of organizations have had to readjust to social distancing and health guidelines implemented across the country and youth sports have been no different.

Philadelphia City Rowing has had to move from their boathouse row accommodations but continue to hold in person practices despite the ongoing pandemic. Aurie Brown a PCR participant describes some of the differences faced this season.

“It’s been kinda of hard to do rowing during the pandemic because it’s not as easy as it was like we used to have to run much more but it’s kind of hard to run when you have to wear these masks and I feel like it’s also pretty bad because we don’t get to go into the water”

PCR not only provides a top notch training program for Philadelphia youth but also provides a safe way for kids to interact with their peers at a time where social gatherings are scarce.Another PCR participant Lily Clark discusses the importance of getting out of the house and being able to see friends.

“Coming in I had been inside in the house I had not seen any friends, any people for months and I came here, and it is such a great release it is really a great experience to see people and be able to have such a nice and accepting community here”.

Philadelphia City Rowing will suspend in person practices next week due to the city ordinance but will look to continue their programs in the spring. For more information visit


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