Joe Biden Racking Up Endorsements for President

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has collected three large endorsements this week. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and former President Barack Obama have all endorsed Joe Biden in the past 72 hours.

As more and more prominent figures endorse the former Vice President, Biden is beginning to open his ears to different policies of the former nominees, hoping to gain some of their previous supporters. Some of these policy discussions include discussing certain student loan forgiveness programs with Senator Warren and discussing how the federal government should be handling the COVID-19 pandemic with Senator Sanders.

Former President Barack Obama announced his endorsement via a video posted on Twitter, saying “I’m proud to endorse my friend, Joe Biden for President of the United States. Lets go.”

In Senator Warren’s announcement on Twitter, she spoke of the importance of restoring “Americans’ faith in good, effective government.”

Senator Sanders endorsed Biden during a live broadcast on Twitter with Biden joining him via an online conference call.



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