Seniors Get Ready for Graduation

In just a few weeks, students from various schools will be receiving their diplomas at the Temple Performing Arts Center. Schools holding Commencement ceremonies in T-Pac include the School of Media and Communication on December 18th at 11 A.M, the College of Liberal Arts on January 22nd, and the College of Science and Technology on December 18th at 4 p.m.

The Liacouras Center will also hold school commencement ceremonies this year. The Center will host the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management along with the Fox School of Business and Management on February 6 at 2 p.m. Students who are scheduled to graduate on that day have to arrive at their scheduled locations an hour before the ceremony takes place.

Students who are scheduled to graduate in the next couple of weeks should be aware of some important reminders for the big day. Students are expected to have had or to schedule an appointment with an advisor to review graduation applications.

School of Media and Communications students must pick up their tickets for Commencement in Annenberg Hall Room 9. Tickets will be available for pick up until December 12th. Students must also remember to purchase their graduation attire which includes a cap and gown as well as a tassel, depending on their major. Students can pick up their graduation attire at the bookstore . The last day to purchase graduation attire is December 5th.

Many students are excited about graduating, including senior Naeema who says ” I can’t wait to invite my family and friends, I’m excited, this marks a milestone in my life for me.”

School of Media and Communication Dean David Boardman also congratulates the fellow seniors by wishing them well: “You have gotten so far, now go out and make us proud,” he says.

Congratulations to the all the graduates – four years have gone by and now it’s time to go out there and take on the real world!

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