SEPTA Moves Forward with New Sustainability Projects

seotaSEPTA’s board has approved two new sustainability projects with the hope of reducing energy consumption and improving resilience.

The two projects include a series of energy retrofits and a natural gas plant totaling a combined estimated $45 million. These projects will be financed under the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA).

Construction of the $18.2 million retrofits is set to begin in Fall 2015. They will include water conservation, LED lighting, building installation and HVAC controls. The retrofits are expected to generate more than $26 million in guaranteed energy savings, more than enough to pay for the project.

According to SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel, “The self-funding strategy continues a business-like approach towards sustainability, and it will make our system stronger moving forward.”

Below is the list of facilities for the retrofits.


  • Southern Bus Garage (1934 Johnston Street, Philadelphia)
  • Berridge/Courtland Shop (200 W. Wyoming Avenue, Philadelphia)
  • Fern Rock Shop (5801 N. 11th Street, Philadelphia)
  • Germantown Shop (6721 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia)


  • Regional Rail (Silverliner IV, Silverliner V, Push-Pull Fleets)
  • Broad Street Line (B-IV Fleet)
  • Norristown High Speed Line (N-5 Fleet)

As for the natural gas plant, SEPTA has selected Noresco, LLC to design the $26.8 million project that will be located at the Midvale Complex in North Philadelphia. The Combined Heat and Energy Plant (CHP) would use twin natural gas generators to power a substation and garage with natural gas.

Before this project can take place, Noresco must first conduct an investment grade audit (IGA) to determine the optimal configuration of the CHP. The goal is to have the plant up and running by 2017.

You can learn more about SEPTA’s sustainability efforts here.

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