Setting the “Spike” For Science

Students brought out their sweatbands, spandex, sneakers and brushed up on their volleyball skills for a good cause. The Temple University Chemical Society (TUCS) hosted a volleyball tournament Friday night. The “Setting the Spike for Science” fundraiser, which raised money for a high school in the North Philadelphia area, was hosted at the Pearson McGonigle Complex.

Volleyball game at Pearson McGonigleThe idea to raise money for science programs at high schools came after the TUCS students volunteered at a local community center last year. The students taught young children about science and they saw firsthand the lack of resources in science programs available to the city children.

To help improve science education in Philadelphia, TUCS decided to host the volleyball tournament. Last year, they raised $2,000 at the fundraising event.

This year, the teams ranged from six to eight people and participants got the chance to compete with their peers, but all for the love of science. The money raised will provide materials along with up-to-date science equipment for one lucky high school, which was chosen by TUCS’s executive board. The school chosen to receive the proceeds is Hill-Freedman High School located in North Philadelphia.

Hill-Freedman High School will receive new science equipment and supplies purchased with the money raised from Friday’s tournament. As far as the night’s winning teams, they received a variety of prizes, but the real prize was knowing that they contributed to the betterment of science education for a Philadelphia school.

Interested in finding more out about TUCS? Visit their facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @templetucs.



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