Shelter-in-Place Drill to Take Place on U.S. Temple Campuses

On Wednesday, February 14th, all U.S. Temple campuses will experience a shelter-in-place drill.

The drill will begin at 10 AM and last for 10-15 minutes. During this time, outdoor warning sirens will activate for approximately three minutes.

The purpose of the drill is to test the University’s plans, policies, and response capabilities for scenarios such as environmental hazards or severe weather. During a real shelter-in-place emergency, the sirens indicate that people should quickly move inside and stay there until told otherwise.

For Wednesday’s drill, people are encouraged to practice the procedure. Emergency Management Teams (BEMTs) will be in designated buildings to direct people to the correct locations.

TUalerts will be sent out Wednesday morning and at the start of the drill as a reminder. There will be a final alert when the drill concludes.

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