Spring break? Students seek relief from deep freeze

According to the academic calendar spring break officially kicks off this weekend; but if Punxsutawney Phil has anything to say about, it the Philadelphia region can expect three more weeks of winter — at least.

“I honestly don’t get it,” said Eric White, sophomore. “It’s not even spring yet. Some of my friends get done March 14th and they can go to Cancun and stuff like that and I just got midterms.“

Break this year seemed to come extremely early, some students said. Sophomore Saimar Bici says, “Its winter break part 2 in my opinion, when you think of spring break you think of 70-degree weather and now it more like 7-degree weather.”

That happened because of the new fall break that the university implemented last semester, which in turn has pushed everything up one week. Students were back a week earlier from winter break, and the Spring 2015 semester is ending a week early as well.

Some of the students were able to put their savings to good use allowing them to escape the arctic tundra that is currently surrounding Temple’s campus.

“I am going to Cancun and I am so excited because it is my senior year and I am excited to get away from all of the snow and be laying on the beach in the sun,” said Sylwia Gielarowiec, senior. “I will be traveling down to Florida for the week hopefully get some sunshine.”

Temple University senior Bridget Parkes, unlike many of her peers, is headed north.  “I am going to Toronto with a couple of my friends to visit some family In Canada and take a break from school,” Parkes said.

While some students are boarding planes and heading south others are just happy to catch up on some sleep.

Junior Harsh Patel plans to catch up on schoolwork; “This break is going to be really helpful because I am behind in some classes. So I’ll probably look at the syllabus and just try to get ahead.”

Like many at Temple, freshman Emily Rankin plans to stay inside for the majority of break. “I’ll be catching up on a lot of Netflix,” Rankin said.

No matter how students plan to spend their Spring Break, any chance to get off from the hectic school year is much appreciated by the students.

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