State of the Union Preview from Washington

All eyes are on President Donald Trump ahead of his first State of the Union Address.

His last address to Congress was back in February 2017, shortly after his inauguration, but this will be his first State of the Union.

It’s expected he will talk about the immigration legislation he announced last week, which would provide the nearly 2 million DACA recipients a path to citizenship, in exchange for a border wall and the end to chain migration.

He is also expected to talk about infrastructure, the economy, and national security.

Massachussets Representative Joe Kennedy III will give the Democratic response shortly after the President’s address. It’s a symbolic choice by the Democrats, as he is seen to be a rising star within the party, and the grandson of former Attorney General Robert Kennedy and great-nephew to President John F. Kennedy.

In Washington, I sat down with local Pennsylvania Representatives Dwight Evans and Scott Perry to hear about their expectations for the speech.

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