Status of the Remaining Cut Athletic Programs

President Theobald met with the Board of Trustees in a private meeting at Sullivan Hall to further discuss the seven cut sports teams.

Later in the afternoon, Theobald announced the reinstatement of the men’s crew and women’s rowing. 2014 will be the last year in Temple uniform for the five remaining teams.

“The best memory, by far, is just the opportunity that Temple has given me to be an athlete, and a student, to get a good college degree to set me up for the next stage in life,” said junior gymnast Michael Bittner. “The worst memory, by far, is just going to be December 6th, when we were told to meet in the pavillion and got informed of their decision to cut the seven programs.”

The five cut teams include: men’s indoor and outdoor track and field, men’s gymnastics, baseball and softball. For baseball, the team was told that playing at Ambler would no longer be an option. Offers to play at Richie Ashburn Field and Campbell’s Field in South Philly were brought up, yet eventually turned down on Monday.

“The biggest problem that we were told originally, the reason why we’re being cut is because we play at Ambler,” said freshman baseball player, Simon Mathews. “We don’t have to play at Ambler anymore, and that’s falling on deaf ears and I think that’s embarrassing.”

While the decision has not officially been finalized, President Theobald addressed the Board of Trustee’s regarding the budget issues, saying he strongly recommends the remaining five teams stay cut.

Efforts are being made to initialize club teams for the five former NCAA programs.

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